This blog details the learning journey to complete the Edublogs Teacher Challenge 2011. It is a conversation about being a beginner blogger so it may prove to be a little too self-deprecating at times for some readers!

This blog is about blogging - setting up a brand new blog, making decisions about design and appearance, and learning how to use the Blogger interface as well as the slightly different Edublogs interface. So it will also discuss the decisions made for the design and operation of my professional blog which is Applied Chaos Theory (hosted at Edublogs).

I hope that by journalling about my learning journey in the world of teacher blogging it may provide some small encouragement to other teacher bloggers as they begin their own learning journey in this new collaborative/connected world!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finding time

From a tweet, I found a really interesting blog post about managing social networking within the confinements of a 24 hour day! That's the problem with this stage of the development of a PLN - so much to learn, so much to read... panic sets in and I start to feel overwhelmed. There was a great long list of pieces of advice but what I came away with was two ideas:

1.  For every ONE blog post you owe FIVE blog comments! I really like this idea of giving back. You can't expect people to visit your blog and read and leave comments if you don't participate in the payback process.

2. Write on a specific day with time set aside for it. This blogger used Sunday as his day for writing, which doesn't really fit for me, but the idea of scheduling time for it so that you make a date with yourself - that really sits with me.

Am continuing to visit lots of blogs and found a new gadget today to replace the Blogger fishbowl - with another fish gadget... my Aquarium. Colourful and calming - meets my needs for the moment!


  1. Hi Deb
    I am another participant in the Teacher Challlenge and I have come across after reading your comment on discussion question 5 about connecting with a class in the US. What a great idea to set up a photo blog. How is it going?

    I like the two points you have made in this post, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Mrs S,
    Thanks for leaving a comment when you dropped by. It is early days for my photo blog - I don't want to hijack the learning happening in their classroom... I am sure they have more things to learn than how fabulous Australia is! I just love the whole idea, though, of how blogs can be used for more than just delivering your point of view or journalling about webtools etc. Letting kids engage with their audience and expand their thinking... well they just seem to be really fabulous outcomes to me. I will write a post about the photo blog once I have some new to report. Thanks again, Regards, Deb