This blog details the learning journey to complete the Edublogs Teacher Challenge 2011. It is a conversation about being a beginner blogger so it may prove to be a little too self-deprecating at times for some readers!

This blog is about blogging - setting up a brand new blog, making decisions about design and appearance, and learning how to use the Blogger interface as well as the slightly different Edublogs interface. So it will also discuss the decisions made for the design and operation of my professional blog which is Applied Chaos Theory (hosted at Edublogs).

I hope that by journalling about my learning journey in the world of teacher blogging it may provide some small encouragement to other teacher bloggers as they begin their own learning journey in this new collaborative/connected world!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Let's start 2011 with a blogging challenge!

After deciding at the end of 2010 that I really needed to dive in and start a blog (as part of being a professional educator in this new connected/collaborative world!)... I visited lots of teacher blogs and analysed their choice of blog hosting platforms and decided on edublogs (for loads of reasons!). So I followed their instructions and got a blog started but got stuck when I wanted to change the appearance... so I stopped.
Christmas came and went... and wouldn't you know it I get a link off Yammer telling me that edublogs were providing the perfect professional development for teachers of all blogging shapes and sizes - and levels of experience! So I am completing the challenges in the time I have available, but I also thought I would blog about the Teacher Challenge so that, maybe, others could learn from my first efforts too.
So this blog is simply going to be about the learning process that I complete as I learn about blogging as a teacher and complete the Teacher Challenge 2011.


  1. Dear Deb,
    I am so pleased that you have taken to blogging like a duck to water. It is addictive, especially when we are back teaching and we have our kids as our audience. they love to see and share what they are doing on their class blog and love 'seeing the names in lights'. I look forward to watching and reading how you grow.

  2. Thanks Steph! I am amazed at the generosity of so many of our NSW DET colleagues! Thanks for stopping by and providing my very first comment!
    Regards, Deb

  3. Deb,
    Welcome to the edublogosphere. Great to see so many new bloggers taking part in the teacher challenge.

    While reading comments and posts, I have seen you there as well, helping other bloggers to feel more comfortable with this new technology.

    To make it easier for them to leave a comment, please change your comment profiles to include Name/URL as not everyone has a Google account.

    Miss W.